Member Firm of the world's 5th largest accountancy network

Owned by its personnel BDO operates as an independent authorized public accounting firm in Finland and serves its clients with strong local knowledge and the support of the comprehensive BDO international network. Service principles of BDO include flexibility and being available to clients. BDO has three offices in Finland located in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku and with a total number of some 150 auditors and advisors.

BDO has been operating in Finland since the 1980’s and as an independent auditing firm since the year 1994. Our success as an auditing firm and as an expert organization in tax and financial matters is based on our long-term client relationships which in turn are based on mutual confidence. This mutual confidence enables us to maintain direct communication lines to our clients. Driving force for us is our desire to meet the expectations of our clients by working in close cooperation with clients. We are one of the five firms in Finland which has been registered at the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) in the USA.

Our experts have diverse experience in serving all kinds of international and domestic companies as well as other organizations. Our close co-operation between international and domestic BDO Member Firms enable us to offer you both international and local expertise in accounting, tax and special advisory services such as corporate finance, risk advisory, valuations and ICT services.

BDO International

BDO’s distinctive reputation for client proximity is built upon our commitment to all relevant parties involved that what matters to them matters to us. Our clients recognise us as their preferred adviser, appreciating our seamless service world wide.

Our story is one of continuously responding to ever changing client needs.

BDO was founded in 1963 when firms from the UK, Netherlands, Germany, US and Canada joined forces to share and expand their knowledge to better support clients. We were known as Binder Seidman International Group until 1973, when we adopted the name Binder Dijker Otte & Co: BDO.

We continued to build our international capabilities, growing the strong local roots enabling us now to provide services to our clients in 151 countries. In 1988, we established a world wide structure and the BDO acronym was placed before each local member firm’s name. This, together with the introduction of a new logo and a consistent global brand, clearly demonstrated that the local expertise of our member firms was combined with the international expertise and strength of our international network.

Since then, our network has continued to transform in response to client needs, culminating in the change of our name in 2009 to simply BDO. Our move to a single global trading name demonstrates our commitment to service our clients and to compete successfully in our market on a multinational basis.

BDO is the world’s fifth largest accounting network. We have an excellent partner to staff ratio, with nearly 60,000 people working with our clients and offering challenging, ethical and practical advice from over 1,300 offices in 151 territories.

Our commitment to knowledge and best practice sharing means that expertise is easily shared across the network. Our common methodologies and IT platform ensure effective and efficient service delivery to all our clients. To maintain standards we have a robust accreditation process and quality assurance review procedure.

We remain focused on helping our clients navigate ever-changing economic and market conditions by providing high quality advice and service to all our clients on a consistent basis.  This will enable us to achieve our ambition to significantly increase our market share and ensure that we are recognised in the market as a unified global network.