• Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

High-quality auditing and excellent customer service are paramount to us. We carry out audits in line with professional auditing standards, and our customer service is based on impeccable accessibility and flexibility. 

The quality of our work is founded on our experienced, highly competent employees. The responsible auditor participates in the actual auditing work while also monitoring the work of the entire auditing team to ensure compliance with the auditing plan. It is our principle to minimise changes in the composition of teams during long-term customer relationships, as such changes tend to hinder the implementation of assignments.

The administration, operating principles and ownership of auditing firms is regulated comprehensively by laws, regulations and sector-specific standards. We have developed a quality assurance programme for auditing in accordance with international auditing standards. Our quality assurance programme enables us to ensure compliance with good auditing practices and the procedures agreed for the work of auditors. We are continuously developing new operating methods and instructions to be used as auditing tools. We promote good auditing practices through internal quality assurance inspections.

Our auditors also regularly participate in external quality assurance for KHT, JHT/JHTT and HT auditors. In addition, the international BDO network monitors the quality of our work by means of internal reporting obligations and inspections.