• Sponsorship


Our sponsorships, charity work and donations are based on our People helping people values and are part of BDO’s responsible (ESG) operations. 

The purpose of the donations and charity work is to:

  • promote well-being and health (Ronald McDonald House, the Joulupuu campaign);
  • increase equality and support entrepreneurship (Women’s Bank/Finn Church Aid); and
  • protect the environment and support biodiversity (UN Global Compact).

We will support the aforementioned causes over our current strategy period through donations and community engagement. 

BDO also participates in UN Global Compact, which is a corporate sustainability initiative launched by the UN that promotes and develops the ecological, social and financial sustainability of companies and communities by using the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our own four focus areas are health and well-being, climate action, reducing inequality and peace, justice and good governance.


Our cooperation with Young Athletics

Basketball player Eero Innamaa

Our talented sponsored player, Eero Innamaa, plays in Korisliiga in Karhubasket's team.