Survival of the fittest: telecoms risk factor survey 2016

23 August 2016

This year BDO’s annual review of the major risks facing leading global telecoms companies reveals the sector is under even greater pressure to adapt to a changing market. Over the last 12 months this pace of change has accelerated, not slowed. Disruptive forces, such as technological innovation, changing consumer behaviour and new competitors, are intensifying. Collectively these disruptive factors have the potential to impact future financial performance of telecoms companies.

BDO’s research shows these industry disruptors, and their potential consequences, are more present on the risk radar of leading telecoms companies today than they were a year ago. With margins and future revenue streams significantly challenged, these risks cannot be ignored.

To understand what really concerns telecoms leaders, BDO has investigated the risks self-reported by 60 of the largest fixed line and mobile telecoms providers, across 16 different global markets in the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific. This research is supplemented with commentary from BDO experts, as well as the perspectives of the CFO of a leading American telecoms provider who describes the most critical risks and opportunities facing his company today and in the future.