World Wide Tax News - Issue 43/2017

16 February 2017

When your business expands beyond your home country’s borders, tax matters become even more complicated.

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This year's first issue of World Wide Tax News contains:

  • Australia - Diverted profits tax
  • Hong Kong  - New corporate treasury centre regime
  • India - Declaration of Cypros as notified jurisdictional area rescinded
  • Singapore - New protocol to Singapore-India tax treaty
  • Sri-Lanka  - 2017 fiscal budget pronouncements
  • Algeria - Financial law for 2017 - main tax measures
  • Azerbaijan - Significant amendments to tax legislation
  • European Union - Common (consolidated) corporate tax base  - relaunched proposals
  • France - Progressive corporate income tax rate reduction
  • Israel - Clarification of requirement to report the adaption of a position that contradicts the tax authorities' position
  • Latvia - Tax system reform
  • Luxembourg - New rules for intra-group financing
  • The Netherlands - Corporate income tax rates for forthcoming years
  • Romania - Corporate tax relief for companies' research and development activities
  • Spain - Tax measures for 2017
  • Switzerland - Swiss withholding tax - interest charge for late notifications of declarations
  • United Kingdom - Proposed corporation tax changes
  • Brazil - Tax regularisation programme
  • United States - Foreign owned domestic disregarded entities - final regulations