Alisa Vainio's success comes from focusing on the essential

21 April 2016

Sports have always been an important part of long-distance runner Alisa Vainio's life. Over the years, she has had a wide range of athletic hobbies, from ice hockey, steeplechase, artistic gymnastics, and floorball to bandy, football, and speed skating.

Alisa has always chosen her sports herself, according to her own interests. In 2013, she stopped playing ice hockey actively and has since focused all her energy on running. Hockey helped Alisa identify her strengths and interests.

- When I was playing hockey, I realised I'm more of an individual athlete. After that, running felt so good. Running enables you to go really fast without working yourself to death.  In hockey, you had to sit on the bench every now and then and you'd sometimes take a hit on the ice, she says.

Running has not only become Alisa's absolute favourite sport, but also the thing she is the most passionate about in her life.

- The best thing about running is the feeling you get after a good performance or a good practice session. When the run flows smoothly, it's so much fun and I enjoy how easy it can be, Alisa says to explain the charm of the sport.

-Running is so easy; you can just go outside and have a run. I don't know, it's just so much fun, says Alisa.


BDO supports Alisa Vainio's journey to success through sponsorship.  Our cooperation began in 2015 and is based on our shared values: determined long-term work, expertise, persistence and the pursuit of success in Finland and abroad.