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Performance Management

We will help your organisation build a goal-oriented and results-based organisational culture by means of setting goals, supportive monitoring, development of skills and incentive-based rewarding. Achieving strategic goals requires common understanding and acceptance of both the goals themselves and what they mean in practice for each function and employee. In every organisation, numerous decisions – big and small – are made each day. In order to achieve business goals, it is crucial that each and every one of them helps the organisation to move towards the common direction and to achieve set targets.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts will provide expertise, practical solutions and flexible co-operation.


Our Management of Organisational Performance service covers:

  • Getting an understanding of the company’s strategy and mindset
  • Assessment of the current state of setting goals in the company
  • Defining the boundary conditions and goals of the performance management model
  • Creating the performance indicators and the end-to-end process
  • Establishing a connection between rewarding and personnel development
  • Creating the necessary documents
  • Coaching for executives and managers