Trump, Legislation and Taxes: Webinar recording and material

25 April 2017

View the recording or download slides from the webinar presentation.

The pending U.S. Tax reform under the Trump administration and both houses of Congress is forecasted to have significant impact on international business and the global economy. While there is uncertainty on when the tax code will be final, businesses can and should be planning ahead.

In the first webinar of the 2017 series of BDO International's Tax webinar programme, our US and UK teams focused on the key tax and reporting issues that global organisations need to consider.

In the webinar our team:

  • Discussed the US legislative process.
  • Reviewed the potential federal changes tax reform may bring about in 2017.
  • Identified and discussed the state ramifications of those changes.
  • Explained what it meant for international business.

View the recording

Download slides from the presentation