• Cybersecurity


At BDO Cybersecurity in Finland we secure our clients’ digital assets, reputation and ongoing operations so that they may take advantage of the digital transformation with minimal risk and continue to create value.

We do this by helping clients perform cyber risk assessments, implement proper and balanced security controls, and by collecting and analyzing large amounts of data using advanced technology and a highly skilled team of security analysts. This lets us identify risk, protect assets, and detect and respond to digital threats.

Our cybersecurity resources are organized in close collaboration with BDO Norway, which is one of the leading cybersecurity advisors in Norway.  The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), also known as BDO CERT, consists of 20 specialists which helps clients protect digital assets and detect and respond to security incidents. Our solution is based on in-sourced and open source software, COTS hardware, and products from selected technology partners. This unique and flexible solution allows for scalability, integration and transformation:


Whether you’re a family-run local business or a big enterprise with offices on multiple continents, we’ve got a solution that fits you. The scalability comes from the modularity of the solution, the lack of license fees, and freedom from proprietary hardware platforms. This means lower cost for our clients, which in turn means we’re opening up premium security services to a far greater number of businesses.


Security isn’t necessarily going to improve if you buy yet another expensive appliance with blinking lights. You already have blinking lights. Maybe by the thousands. Network infrastructure, servers, client computers – all the previous investments that make up your IT infrastructure. We’ll help maximize your return on those investments by turning them into valuable security sensors. Our control of the solution means we can integrate security with the systems you’ve already got. (If you still need the appliances, we have those too.)


Have your business experienced change in the past 5-10 years? What about the next 5-10? The digital transformation is accelerating and opening more possibilities than ever before. With all the possibilities comes challenges. We’re becoming more and more reliant on digital technology. More vulnerable. This realization becomes an obstacle in many transformation processes, but it doesn’t have to be that way. IT security shouldn’t be perceived as a necessary evil, but rather an enabler of digital transformation. BDO Cybersecurity has you covered through the whole process – from planning to implementation, through change, to the cloud and back again. You’re not buying into a security solution that will be outdated over time – you’re buying a solution that will evolve with you and cover your needs as they change – all the time.

Products and Services

The generic and managed security services (MSS) are mainly provided by our Nordic level Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT). Our services are tailored to fit within the globally recognized NIST framework and its five main pillars.