• BDO Protect

BDO Protect

With BDO Protect your company will get an efficient cybersecurity solution, and advice on selecting a cyber-insurance to cover the financial cost incurred in the event of a cyberattack.
Every year, the list of companies that are exposed to malicious cyber-attacks increases. Successful attacks can lead to severe consequences, including loss or lack of availability of business-critical information. Despite the fear and awareness of the potential consequences linked to cyber incidents, cybersecurity tends to have very low priority in Finnish companies. This is especially true for the small- and medium-sized companies. There are several possible explanations for such behaviour. Companies argue that 1) cybersecurity services tend to be expensive and 2) that cybersecurity is too complex and hence hard to understand.

Our solution:

  • aims to counter and mitigate the most common cyber threats facing companies in today’s increasingly digitalized work environment.
  • is tailored towards companies that want increased protection against cyber incidents, but are unable or unwilling to use in-house resources to maintain their day-to-day cybersecurity operations.
  • is highly flexible, maintenance free and cost-efficient, which makes it a perfect fit for small- and medium-sized companies.  

BDO Protect is an efficient and affordable cybersecurity solution. BDO provides a software that the company installs, which detects and eliminates malicious activity. Our solution creates an effective security barrier and tracks all files that are active on the companies’ personal computers to detect malicious activity. Many of the most advanced threats are detected, including “fileless malware” and ransomware.
With BDO Protect:

  • your company will achieve continuous protection for the endpoints, both with and without an internet connection.
  • BDO will continuously monitor the customers’ endpoints
  • BDO security analysts will be readily available to assist the company with incident handling if your company encounters a cyber-attack.