• Detect


There is no such thing as 100% security. The nature of software means that bugs and vulnerabilities can remain hidden or unknown for a long time. Many software vulnerabilities are actually discovered because they’re being exploited by threat actors wanting to steal or harm your digital assets. You’ve probably heard about them – “zero days” – vulnerabilities that are being exploited without a security patch being available.

Good security operates in multiple layers. Some of the layers, like firewall and anti-virus, aim to prevent threats from reaching your assets. Others focus on detecting threats rather than stopping them. Such passive controls give good visibility and situational awareness. As they don’t interfere and stop activity, we allow them to be more sensitive. The room for error is necessary to detect unknown threats – the activity that deviates just a little bit from what’s normal, that would otherwise have passed under the radar.

Our security sensors analyze big amounts of network traffic and system activity in near real time. By correlating activity across different sources and our continuously updated threat intelligence, and using artificial intelligence and machine learning, our seasoned security analysts help clients secure their digital assets all day, every day.

Within the DETECT domain BDO Cybersecurity provides the following services:

  • Security monitoring of
  • Networks
  • Endpoints
  • Cloud
  • Threat detection (external and internal)
  • Signature-based (known threats)
  • Anomaly-based (unknown threats)
  • Deception
  • Continuously updated threat intelligence to support detection and incident response activities