• Respond


When the security incident is a fact, incident response kicks in. The time frame can vary a lot depending on the type of threat and attack. In a case of digital espionage for example, it can take the threat actor anything from minutes to months to accomplish what he set out to do. Effective incident response is key to prevent or limit losses when you’re faced with a cyber-attack.

For incident response to be efficient, you need mature processes, good situational awareness and an understanding of the threat actor’s tactics and techniques. This is very hard to achieve for most companies, as it’s both expensive and time-consuming to build and maintain. Through size, experience and continuous intelligence analysis, BDO Cybersecurity is able to provide this capability to clients as a service.

Within the RESPOND domain BDO Cybersecurity provides the following services:

  • 24/7 SOC (Nordic level support)
  • General alerts about threats and vulnerabilities
  • Customer specific alerts about incidents
  • Incident response
    • On-site
    • Remote
  • Analysis
    • Technical
    • Tactical
    • Strategic