• Misconducts

    Identifying and preventing risks of misconduct

Prevention of Misconduct

Our misconduct prevention services cover:

  • Consulting about anti-corruption measures (anti-fraud measures)
  • Developing measures to prevent money laundering
  • Consulting about preventing misconduct
  • Ethical channel services (whistleblowing services)
  • Analysing risks of misconduct related to information networks
  • Assisting with corporate analyses, including background checks
  • Training on information security.


Consulting about anti-corruption measures

Corruption means the abuse of public power or a position of power for personal benefit. Our services related to anti-corruption measures cover:

  • Developing and implementing anti-corruption programmes in cooperation with the client
  • Training for employees on Finnish laws and regulations
  • Assisting with creating sanction procedures related to violations
  • Consulting about developing anti-corruption programmes
  • Training related to anti-corruption issues.


Developing measures to prevent money laundering

We provide consulting to help our clients prepare principles and guidelines to prevent money laundering. We also provide training related to the prevention of money laundering.

Consulting about preventing misconduct (anti-fraud measures)

Through consulting, we help the client integrate misconduct prevention into the day-to-day routines of their organisation. Our misconduct prevention services cover:

  • Development and implementation of misconduct prevention programmes
  • Assessment of existing misconduct prevention programs
  • Training for employees on statutory requirements
  • Support with the implementation of sanction procedures related to violations
  • Guidance on the establishment of a misconduct prevention team
  • Implementation and management of analyses of misconduct risks
  • Training related to identifying and investigating misconduct and preparing a prevention programme.

Our misconduct prevention services also include ethical channel services (whistleblowing services) and services related to commitments, such as investigative due diligence and commitment register services. 


Our misconduct prevention programmes cover:  

  • Recruitment processes, including background checks (criminal record, employment history, school and degree certificates, other business connections, credit history, etc.)
  • Resignation processes, including a personal risk analysis of the resigning employee
  • Procurement processes, including dangerous combinations of work, approval and access authorisations, practices related to seeking bids, etc.
  • Contract management, including rights to enter into agreements, authorisations to sign and approve agreements, the use of a contract register, practices for comparing contracts in invoicing, etc.
  • Change management, including the closures of subsidiaries and branch offices
  • Acquisitions, including all of the aspects listed above.


Analysis of risks of misconduct related to information networks

In cooperation with our clients, we carry out risk analyses related to information networks and provide training on information security issues. 


Corporate analyses  

Corporate analyses are carried out to identify risks related to acquisitions, investments or new business relationships.  Our corporate analysis services cover:

  • Assistance with acquisitions, investments and new business relationships
  • Proactive studies related to people or companies:
    • Background checks on sellers (criminal record, business prohibitions, other business connections, connections to Russia and the Baltic countries, etc.)
    • Checks on business partners
    • Checks on agreements
    • Checks related to any legal risks concerning laws and regulations, including payment of taxes and pension contributions, compliance with occupational safety regulations and collective labour agreements, environmental and social responsibility violations and money laundering.