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HR Advisory Services

Personnel is a key asset of an organisation. When the foundation is in order, the work community will have a good starting point for effective and efficient workflow as well as for good collaboration within the organization. We will help you build effective HR processes and tackle issues related to labour or contract law that may arise in the different stages of your organisation’s life cycle. When your business is heading for changes, we will support your organisation’s management all the way from planning to implementation – through phases of growth as well as adjustments.

We are there to help you navigate challenges related to personnel or management. Depending on your organisation’s resources, we can act as independent advisers in the background or be actively involved in running the processes together with your management. We provide professional knowledge and analytical thinking added with experience and insight to often sensitive situations where practical solutions and constructive dialogue with all counterparts is needed. 


The HR Advisory Services team

Our HR Advisory Services team consists of HR professionals, legal and tax experts as well as specialists in restructuring, risk management, internal audits and data protection. You will also have the expertise of our international network at your disposal.


HR Advisory Services


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