• Enterprise Architecture

    Clarity and stability for operational processes

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture describes the level of coordination between the operational elements of an organisation as a whole. These elements include units, people, operational processes, information and information systems. Enterprise architecture is a strategic management tool for steering the development of operations and ICT towards the desired target.

The public sector authorities must design and describe their enterprise architecture in accordance with the Information Management Act.


Benefits of enterprise architecture

Enterprise architecture enables you to ensure that you:

  • have an overall view of the operations and structures of the whole organisation;
  • identify overlapping operations and solutions; and
  • analyse the effects of changes in the tools you are using.

Based on the current situation in your organisation, we will prepare a tailored work plan to ensure that you have effective ways of working in place to achieve your goals for enterprise architecture. We will work in close cooperation with your in-house experts and transfer knowledge and skills to them during the process.

Our experts have extensive experience in implementing enterprise architecture solutions in various operating environments in different sectors. Our clients include government agencies, municipalities and companies.

Our enterprise architecture services cover:

  • Analysis of the current state
  • Determination of the desired state
  • Development of the management model
  • Maturity level analysis
  • Project planning
  • Training.


Enterprise architecture as part of our advisory services

We make use of the principles of enterprise architecture in all of our assignments, including strategy work, risk management, procurement, project management, information management reports, internal auditing and information security services. Before starting the assignment, we determine the goals of the organisation with each client. We clarify, specify and concretise – we have a broad perspective and we also consider cooperation between sectors.