• Financial Restructuring and
    Financial and Investment Analysis

    Municipal operations are founded on balanced finances

Financial Restructuring and Financial and Investment Analysis

Financial balance is a prerequisite for the provision of municipal services and the fulfilment of the related duties. Financial balance and sustainable finances enable municipalities to focus on their role and increase their importance in the development of local well-being and vitality.

We help municipalities identify the effects of current changes on their service production, investments and funding base. In cooperation with municipalities, we will find the most effective ways to adjust their operations and make wise use of their resources. We will support the role of the municipality in the provision and organisation of services, so that all relevant aspects are considered in terms of productivity.

Careful planning and expert solutions enable the municipality not only to achieve cost savings, but also to find profitable, impactful ways to promote local well-being and vitality. To achieve a sustainable balance, we seek to involve all key parties in the process from the very beginning. These include decision-makers, operational managers and employees, among others.

Our support services for municipalities and joint municipal authorities cover:

  • Analysing their current financial standing
  • Assessing their need for financial optimisation
  • Identifying optimisation methods and analysing investments
  • Supporting implementation and monitoring.


Analysing current financial standing

We help municipalities identify risks arising from their financial standing in terms of goals, services and legislation, while also considering local conditions.


Assessment of the need for financial optimisation

We analyse financial development scenarios over the short term and long term. We take account of the effects of any significant risks related to the operating environment on the current status and the need for financial optimisation.


Identifying optimisation methods and analysing investments

We seek ways to optimise finances in cooperation with the municipality. We either examine the whole or focus on specific areas, such as sectors, facilities, maintenance backlog, investments and organisational and administrative structures. We help decision-makers identify practical, viable ways to optimise finances, as well as identifying investment options and their effects.  We also provide operational support after the municipality has decided on financial optimisation methods.


Support for implementation and monitoring of implementation

As an external expert, we provide assistance with the implementation, monitoring and assessment of financial restructuring programmes. Our experts also support municipalities with preparing additional reports and analyses, carrying out strategy work, restructuring and implementing changes related to operating models.