• Networks and Development

    Networks support strategic development work

Networks and Development Projects

Development projects and learning and peer networks support strategic renewal. Our experts provide assistance with planning and implementing learning and peer networks. Networks can be built around various topics and themes, and several organisations can participate.

Networks of experts from various organisations promote benchmarking and benchlearning and the adoption of best practices. Networks can include managers and supervisors, as well as experts in finance, HR and quality, for example.

In cooperation with our clients, we build learning processes that are effective, innovative and cost-efficient. Round-table meetings around various themes for experts and organisations promote joint learning and the comparison of operating methods and solutions.


Research-supported development projects

We are your partner for planning and implementing research-supported development projects. Development projects can make use of a broad range of funding by Tekes and the Finnish Work Environment Fund. Various forms of funding can also be combined within development projects implemented by learning and peer networks and development projects related to best practices.