• Ethical Channel

    Trust and transparency

Ethical Channel

Our ethical channel is an extended whistleblower service that offers organisations an opportunity to receive direct information about suspected violations and misconduct. The channel is a key factor in reputation and misconduct management, as it enables early intervention. It also promotes transparency and trust in the organisation and its operations. By using the service, an organisation communicates to its stakeholders that it takes social responsibility seriously. 

An ethical channel enables organisations to collect information about illegal, unethical and non-compliant conduct, for example. The information is forwarded to selected managers. Depending on the client’s needs, the channel will be built to cover domestic or international operations. The channel can also help companies with international operations ensure compliance with anti-corruption laws in each of their countries of operation. Our experts across the world will help you find an ethical channel solution that meets your needs.

The whistleblower service is suitable for many types of organisations, such as listed companies, private companies, foundations, venture capitalists, public sector bodies and other organisations with specific integrity requirements.


Benefits of an ethical channel:

  • The most effective way to prevent unacceptable conduct within an organisation
  • Strengthens the brand by strongly communicating that unethical conduct is not accepted and arrangements are in place to detect and prevent any unethical conduct
  • Helps organisations build a strong internal culture
  • Provides stakeholders with an easy way to report any unacceptable conduct
  • The external service provider ensures reliability and prevents conflicts of interest

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