• Internal Auditing

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Internal Auditing

Internal auditing means independent and objective assessment, assurance and consultation that support the senior management in achieving the goals of an organisation. BDO offers expertise in internal auditing and risk management for companies of all sizes and public sector organisations, such as municipalities, joint municipal authorities and state administration.

Our internal auditing services help our clients develop their internal auditing processes and better manage the risks related to their organisation. We also support our clients with compliance with internal and external requirements and the development of their administrative processes. Internal audits can be carried out in-house, conducted in cooperation with an external service provider or purchased as a comprehensive service from an external provider.

Our clients have access to the strong knowledge and skills of our authorised experts (KHT, JHT/JHTT, CIA, CGAP, CCSA, CISA). We also ensure the quality of our work by means of internal and external auditing practices. We apply the professional standards, ethical rules and methods of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).


 Our internal auditing services cover:

  • Quality assurance for internal auditing
  • Information system audits
  • Reporting channel services
  • Prevention of misconduct
  • Information security development projects
  • Risk analyses
  • Training and consultation.


Identify and manage the risks related to your organisation

Internal auditing in an organisation can be outsourced in part or in full. When you outsource internal auditing, we will prepare a short-term and long-term plan for conducting audits.

When you outsource internal auditing in full:

  • We will carry out internal auditing duties in your organisation as a turnkey service.
  • Your organisation does not need to invest resources in recruiting and training employees for internal auditing.
  • We will be responsible for the development of internal auditing operations.
  • We can bring additional expertise to the auditing team according to your needs.
  • We offer the best practices in the field, along with strong experience and in-depth knowledge of the public sector.

When you outsource internal auditing in part:

  • We will support internal auditing in your organisation by conducting part of the audits in line with the auditing plan.
  • We offer the best practices in the field, along with strong experience and in-depth knowledge of the public sector.
  • You will have access to the expertise of our specialists (e.g. IT and information security audits)
  • You will have more flexible internal auditing resources: if needed, we can assign additional resources to demanding audits without the need to recruit permanent employees.
  • Our specialists can transfer expertise to internal auditing and other employees in your organisation.


Advisory services for internal auditing

You can make use of our expertise in developing internal auditing in your organisation. Our internal auditing advisory services cover:

  • Training on internal auditing
  • Quality assessments for internal auditing
  • Establishment and reorganisation of an internal auditing unit
  • Coaching for internal auditing
  • Assessment and development of the internal control environment, controls and processes in your organisation
  • Risk analysis and implementation of risk management processes
  • Assessments of information management and ICT systems
  • Assessment of contractual risks and contract management practices
  • Identification, investigation and prevention of misconduct.