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Training and Coaching

Our training sessions and programmes provide up-to-date information for the development of management, decision-making, financial management, accounting, tax accounting, internal control, risk management and project management. You will learn about best practices and current regulations. You will also have an opportunity to network and share experiences face-to-face with other operators in the field. In addition to training sessions, seminars and other events that are open to all, we provide training tailored to the customer’s specific needs. The instructors include experts from BDO and other specialists.

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Training and coaching tailored to your needs

We plan and provide training tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. The goals, content and duration are always determined based on your individual needs.  Training events can also include competency surveys, advance assignments and other supplementary material.

Our strengths include an in-depth understanding of the client’s field of operation. Our experts have extensive experience in providing training for financial and HR managers in particular and for other professionals. We also continuously provide training for senior managers and municipal decision makers and audit committees.