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Auditing for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Auditing enables the managers and owners of our client companies to ensure that they receive accurate financial information. Reliable financial information also increases stakeholders’ trust in the company.

We support small and medium-sized businesses with their daily challenges and business development. We always consider the unique characteristics of your company and field of operation to help you find the optimal solutions. 


In addition to statutory auditing, we are your partner for the following operations:

  • Issues related to accounting, administration and the preparation of financial statements
  • Tax
  • Information system security
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Growth and international operations

Many of our auditors have hands-on experience of running a business, meaning that we are familiar with your day-to-day challenges as a business owner. Our customers have access to our broad and varied expertise, not only in Finland but also through our global BDO network.

We offer exceptional customer service. In addition to confidentiality and the right attitude, this means keeping our promises and providing the expertise, up-to-date skills and a range of services that support your operations. We always hand-pick the best experts for each assignment, based on your specific needs. We seek to ensure that you will be able to work with the same team of experts throughout the assignment. We always seek to build long-term customer relationships.


Our IFRS services

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) affect the reporting of the financial statements of Finnish companies that have issued shares or bonds for public trading. In addition, some non-listed companies report in accordance with the IFRS or are planning to adopt the standards.

Our experts who specialise in auditing IFRS consolidated financial statements and IFRS reporting have extensive experience with issues related to accounting and systems as well as developing consolidated financial statement processes, implementing IFRS transition projects and preparing

IFRS consolidated financial statements. We also offer professional assistance with applying IFRS regulations related to acquisitions.

We monitor changes in the IFRS regulations and help our customers keep up to date implementing them. In auditing IFRS consolidated financial statements, we make use of auditing software, financial statement models and the IFRS Desk, databanks and the knowledge, skills, interpretations and support of country-specific experts in the global BDO network.

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