• Development of Financial Administration and Its Efficiency

    Efficiency through comprehensive analysis

Development of Financial Administration and Its Efficiency

The basic principles for operating methods in financial administration include continuity, consistency and comparability with previous financial periods. However, digitalisation and other new processes that improve operational efficiency have created a strong need to boldly question existing operating methods and procedures.

Our experts have developed service concepts that enable companies of all sizes to assess the efficiency of their financial functions and their development potential over the short term and long term.

Our experts are familiar with best practices in various sectors and innovative solutions for organisations of various sizes. Our hands-on experience enables us to suggest realistic, practical and optimal solutions for the development of financial administration. Our suggestions are based on comprehensive, coordinated analysis of personnel and information management resources, controls and operating methods.

Organisations are seeking to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their financial administration by centralising operations in service centres. In so doing, they may realise that their processes need to change considerably, in the same way that processes often need to be adjusted when purchasing financial administration services from an external provider. Good cooperation and tools are needed to achieve the best possible result.

ISAE 3402 control reports enable organisations to examine the quality and legality of their processes and internal control in service centres, even though cost-effectiveness is not assessed. We have carried out numerous reviews and issued control reports in accordance with the ISAE 3402 standard on operational processes used in service centres and by commercial service providers.


Our development services for financial administration include:

  • Control reports in line with the ISAE 3402 auditing standards
  • Check-ups for financial administration
  • Assessment of corporate processes
  • Recommendations for the development of financial administration