• Calculation and Reporting Services

    Reliable information about the financial standing of your organisation

Calculation and Reporting Services

Well-managed, reliable financial administration plays a key role in monitoring business profitability. However, many development projects and changes call for an extensive, systematic approach to ensure that their direct and indirect effects can be assessed with sufficient certainty. The accuracy and risk coefficients of forecast calculations must also be illustrated.

Our experts have extensive experience in value determination pertaining to corporate restructuring and in modelling the related business risks and synergy benefits.

In international operations, both import and export companies should provide information about their financial standing and reliability by means of indicators and reports based on international accounting standards. The most typical guidelines include the IFRS and US GAAP. 

The need for reporting based on standards may be continuous or related to a development project funded by the EU, for example. In both cases, often the most cost-efficient solution is to hire an external expert to adjust a report in accordance with the required standards.


Our reporting and calculation services cover:

  • Internal calculations
  • Cost calculations
  • Forecasts
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Investment calculations and
  • Reporting in line with the IFRS, US GAAP and SOX.