• Changes of Generation

    Secure a successful future for your business
    operations in conjunction with changes of generation

Changes of Generation

Tax aspects play a key role in changes of generation. Each change of generation is different, and its tax considerations may be related to income taxation, inheritance and gift taxation, transfer taxation and value added taxation. Changes of generation can be carried out in various ways. The chosen implementation method may have a significant effect on the tax consequences.

The tax consequences may pertain not only to the person surrendering or acquiring the company but also to the company itself. The Income Tax Act and the Act on Inheritance and Gift Tax include tax relief provisions for changes of generation.

Ensure the uninterrupted operation of your business in spite of the change of generation

Changes of generation should be planned over the long termin order to avoid unnecessary tax costs

Our experienced tax experts help you plan and carry out a change of generation. We also help you ensure the uninterrupted operation of the business in spite of the change of generation.

Our comprehensive approach is based on your specific needs. In addition to tax matters, we take account of the goals, financial standing and rights of the person surrendering the business and those close to them.