• Tax and Legal Services for Business Owners

    Ensure the successful continuation of your business operations in conjunction with ownership change

Tax and Legal Services for Owner-managed Businesses

In businesses owned by a natural person and in family businesses, the taxation of both the owner, on the one hand, and of the business, on the other hand, should be examined as a whole in order to avoid unnecessary taxes and to ensure the right overall tax burden both in the short and long term.

Our experts help you organise your tax issues into a coherent whole by harmonising your business objectives with your personal goals and the goals of your family.

Taxation plays a key role in a change of generation. There are many ways of implementing a change of generation, and the chosen course of action has an impact not only on the taxation of the person who hands over the company but also on that of the company.

The method chosen for a change of generation has a direct impact on the income, inheritance, gift, transfer and value added taxes levied on the persons involved.

Our services for business owners cover these areas and more:

  • corporate restructuring and acquisitions
  • change of generation
  • business owner’s personal and corporate taxes
  • inheritance and gift taxes
  • tax disputes and preliminary rulings