• Value Added and Other Indirect Taxation

    We know the sector-specific taxation risks and challenges

Value Added Taxation

The role of indirect taxation is constantly increasing as is also its economic impact on the business operations.

Improper procedures in the VAT handling of sales and purchases may give rise to considerable costs and, in the worst case, sanctions being imposed by the tax authorities. In addition to financial and other consequences, attention should also be paid to reputation risks, which lately have been under increasing public scrutiny.

In addition to the day-to-day business, the VAT must also be considered during various changes in business operations e.g., going into new markets, restructurings or transitions concerning operating models. Being a transaction-specific tax, VAT plays an important role in international trade.

Our experts serve both the private and public sector in all matters related to value added and other indirect taxation. Our expertise covers the following situations and more:

  • Correct Treatment of Supplies
  • Right of Deduction
  • EU Trade and Trade with Third Countries
  • Restructurings
  • VAT Analyses
  • VAT and Other Indirect Tax Compliance Services
  • Advance Rulings, Tax Audits, Complaints and Other Official Processes
  • VAT in Real Estate Sector
  • VAT in Public Sector
  • VAT and Non-profit Organisations
  • Customs and Excise Duties