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    Supporting you through change, reform and digitalisation

Supporting You Through Change, Reform and Digitalisation

Municipalities’ operating environment changes constantly. The global economy and technological change challenge municipalities to reform themselves and develop their procedures. The role of municipalities will change in the future due to factors such as the social welfare and health care reform.

We are the leading expert organisation for public financial and administrative services in Finland. As a result of our broad client base and more than two decades of experience, we have in-depth knowledge of public sector bodies. We are the market leader in municipal sector auditing, which enables the flexible use of our nationwide expert network for various special issues and comparisons in the municipal sector. In addition to this, we are also a significant player in the private sector, which means that we are very familiar with the interface between public administration and the business world and the cooperation between the two sectors.

Everything we do starts from the desire to help our clients and each other to reach our goals. We help municipalities and municipal organisations by combining our in-depth expertise on public sector entities with our business competence. Our experts throughout Finland support each other and ensure that the client always has access to the best possible expertise. All of our operations are based on responsibility, ensuring impartiality, quality control and responsibility for society and the environment.