Three New Partners in BDO

Three New Partners in BDO

Stephen Barnes, Tiina Mikkonen-Brännkärr and Fredrik Vikström have been made partners in BDO Finland  

Senior Tax Manager Stephen Barnes, KHT, JHT, Regional Manager Tiina Mikkonen-Brännkärr and KHT Fredrik Vikström have been made partners in the audit and advisory firm BDO Finland from 1 February 2023. 

Barnes has worked for BDO since 2015. Barnes’s role is in indirect tax compliance and he manages a broad portfolio of both international and domestic companies. His clients include companies of all sizes and international chains conducting business in a wide range of industry sectors. 

Mikkonen-Brännkärr also joined BDO in 2015. Mikkonen-Brännkärr works as the Regional Manager for Northern Finland and as a KHT and a JHT auditor. Her clients include a wide range of both private and public sector operators.

Fredrik Vikström joined BDO in 2018. Vikström works as a KHT auditor and his clientele mostly consists of Finnish and foreign-owned companies. Vikström specialises in group audits and financial sector assignments.

Strong growth creates opportunities 

Demand for BDO’s expert services has seen strong growth both in Finland and globally. Strong growth creates opportunities for both our personnel and our clients. 

Growth, the development of our personnel and the delivery of responsible and client-oriented solutions all go together. Our new partners will be closely involved with helping our clients,” says Tiina Lind, the Chair of BDO Finland’s Board.

In addition to their specialities and considerable expertise, the work of the new partners also strongly reflects our People helping people values. Caring and responsibility have been at the core of BDO’s operations for its entire 30-year history.

“At BDO, helping and caring are the starting point for everything – with both clients and colleagues,” Lind says.