Energy and infrastructure

Energy and infrastructure

The transformation of the energy sector raises many questions for companies, political decision-makers and consumers alike. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions, securing critical energy and infrastructure, the digitalisation of the industry and the need to maintain cost-efficiency pose challenges to the sector, but also create new opportunities. Energy and infrastructure projects are often large and of a critical nature, and they require versatile expertise during their life cycle, ranging from capital acquisition and special characteristics related to taxation to risk management and diverse legal expertise. 

BDO provides comprehensive assistance to its clients in matters related to energy and infrastructure projects. Having advised both private and public sector clients in some of the most challenging projects in the energy and infrastructure sector, we are familiar with the special features and pitfalls of the sector. We provide our clients with effective customised solutions to the diverse challenges in the energy sector. 

Our services for companies in the energy and infrastructure sector cover the following areas and more: 

  • M&A services, including divestments, acquisitions, capital arrangements and valuations 

  • auditing 

  • risk management services 

  • due diligence 

  • tax-related issues 

  • comprehensive real estate portfolio thinking 

  • risk and continuity assessments of information systems  


Ulla-Maija Tuomela

Partner; Regional Manager, Eastern and Central Finland
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