Risk Management

Risk management aims to ensure the achievement of an organisation’s objectives. Risk management is an integral aspect of an organisation’s planning, management and continuous operational activities. Risk management processes are typically based on international risk management frameworks, such as:  


According to the ISO 31000 standard, the purposes of risk management include: 

  • Enhancing the likelihood of achieving objectives 

  • Improving the identification of opportunities and threats 

  • Ensuring compliance with the applicable legislation and regulatory requirements 

  • Creating a reliable foundation for decision making and planning 

  • Improving operational effectiveness and efficiency. 


In many organizations, risk management processes are complemented by corporate governance structures: 


We help you with:

  • Assessing and improving the level of risk management  

  • Planning risk management processes and methods, and preparing instructions and guidelines 

  • Risk assessment focused on various areas of operations, for example: 

  • the entire organisation’s operations 

  • a particular function or process within the organisation (e.g. project activities) 

  • ICT risks 

  • risks related to significant decisions (e.g. major investments) 

  • Risk management systems requirements specifications and deployment 


Ari Ladvelin

Ari Ladvelin

Director, Risk Advisory and Corporate Security Services
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