Internal audit

Internal audit

Internal audit is an independent support function for board of directors and senior management. Our role is to create added value and make the client company’s operations more efficient.   

We carry out an independent and objective assessment of the company, and provide advisory to the organisation to help it take the next step in its development and secure its future.  

At BDO Finland, we have extensive experience of hundreds of assignments on domestic and international audits. We find the right solution to your challenges.  

Our expertise covers all of the processes and functions of companies and organisations. Our assignments range from seeking an individual solution to carry full responsibility of internal audits on a long-term basis.  

We ensure the objectivity of auditing by reporting directly to the client company’s Board of Directors.  

Our work is guided by the industry’s international professional guidelines, the IIA Standards.   

We help you with: 

  • Business process development 

  • Verifying the adoption of best practices 

  • Conducting audits of subsidiaries through BDO’s international network 

  • Sustainability and value chain verification 

  • Verifying compliance with laws and guidelines