Public Sector

Public Sector

BDO is the leading expert organisation specialising in public finance and administration in Finland. As a result of our broad client base and more than three decades of experience, we have in-depth expertise in public sector bodies. Our experts are highly regarded specialists in public sector auditing and advisory services. 

We provide expert services to a wide range of clients, including municipalities, joint municipal authorities, wellbeing services counties, government ministries and central government agencies and institutions, as well as universities, churches and public sector enterprises.  In addition to audits, our services for the public administration include internal audits, risk management and comprehensive tax, legal and advisory services.  

The public sector is undergoing many changes. Examples of topical issues in the public sector include reforms in the production and organisation of services, securing financing, ownership steering, management systems and the digitalisation of services. The demand for public services is growing while, at the same time, resources in the public sector are declining. Our experts can help with the optimisation of finances and the renewal of the operating models used in the organisation of services. Our aim is to find sustainable and future-proof solutions that suit each client’s needs. 

In the field of public administration, our expertise covers the following areas and more:  

  • auditing 

  • internal audits and special audits 

  • tax services 

  • auditing of information security, data protection and information systems 

  • auditing related to state and EU subsidies 

  • risk management 

  • tailored training on finance and administration 

  • support services for assessment and audit committees 

  • development of financial administration 

  • corporatisation and changes to group structures 

  • financial optimisation 

  • strategy and management, and 

  • the organisation of well-being, healthcare and social services  

Hansel DPS 

We are a frame agreement supplier (Hansel DPS) for the central government in the following areas:   

  • auditing 

  • internal auditing 

  • consulting services for management and development: IT management and risk management, the development of information management 

Our experts in audits and internal auditing have strong and diverse experience in the public sector and the operating environment of the central government. Our authorised experts (JHT/JHTT, CIA, CGAP, CCSA, CISA) recognise the special needs and characteristics of central government organisations. 

Our services for the public sector 


Audits and advisory services related to financial management are among our core competencies. Our statutory audit services provide assurance for organisations’ accounting, administration and financial statements. At the same time, we ensure that the client has accurate information about their financial position and they can rely on the accuracy of their financial disclosures. We continuously develop our operations in order to provide our clients with high-quality services using modern working methods. 

BDO has over 30 years of experience in audits in the public administration and public sector finances. Our strong auditing expertise, combined with our in-depth understanding of the public sector operating environment, have also made us the market leader in statutory municipal audits.[Text Wrapping Break]  [Text Wrapping Break] Our expertise as a Hansel DPS frame agreement supplier for auditing services covers the following areas and more:  

  • statutory audits 

  • Auditing for projects receiving state and EU subsidies 

  • special audits and insolvency services 

  • advisory services and training related to auditing and financial management 

Technology management, the development of information management and risk management 

We help organisations manage technology, develop their information management and ensure security. 

We support you by providing the following information management services and more: 

  • technology strategies, operating models, architectures and development projects 

  • transformations, project management and project assurance 

  • strategic procurement, co-operation models and supplier co-operation 

  • cyber security, data protection, risk management and IT audits  

Internal auditing 

Our internal auditing services support our client organisations in reaching their objectives by providing a systematic approach to assessing and developing the effectiveness of risk management, control, management and governance processes.  

Our internal auditing services cover the following areas and more:  

  • carrying out internal audits as a fully or partially outsourced service 

  • assessing and developing risk management 

  • assessing and developing corporate governance  

  • assessing, auditing and developing the client’s internal control environment and controls  


Minna Ainasvuori

Minna Ainasvuori

Partner; Director, Audit & Assurance Services
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