Global Risk Landscape 2024

Antifragility: Risk as a driver for success

BDO's ninth Global Risk Landscape report not only deals with current risks and their changes, but also delves deeper into the development of antifragility in companies and organisations, and the use of artificial intelligence in risk management. Learn from the report on how to increase the resilience of an organisation and how to turn risks into opportunities.

The report emphasizes the importance of viewing risks as opportunities, particularly in the current era of constant disruptions. The rapidly changing environment requires companies to adapt quickly and leverage risks to succeed.

Key findings

  • Regulatory risks have emerged as a major concern, with 37% (2023: 7%) of respondents feeling unprepared. This change is due to technological developments and the number of major elections in 2024.
  • Supply chain risks are another major concern. Conflicts, such as rebel attacks in the Gulf of Aden in Yemen, increase the risks in supply chains. This highlights the vulnerability of global supply chains and the need for greater predictability and flexibility.
  • For example, Russia's war in Ukraine and conflicts in the Middle East have raised geopolitical tensions to the third highest level of concern. These tensions increase uncertainty and require organisations to adapt quickly.
  • Cyber risks are still perceived as significant, but compared to recent years, their importance among organisations has declined slightly. There is a sense of fatigue in the fight against cyber risks, as threats evolve faster than defences.
  • Antifragility means that organizations not only survive risks but improve their operations during them. This mindset requires viewing risk as an opportunity and adopting a proactive approach. For example, Nvidia has successfully leveraged crises to grow significantly.
  • AI and technological developments are still seen as opportunities, but optimism has decreased from the previous year. Only 59% of business leaders now see AI as an opportunity, down from 83% last year. This is partly due to the challenges of AI implementation and the skills required.

Regional white papers 

In addition to the global report, we have produced four regional risk reports. The white papers cover a range of business risks and risk attitudes in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the Americas and APAC.

New insights

The reports and research cover a wide range of topics and provide a lot of useful information. The report can provide you with new insights to support your risk management processes and help you understand why leading companies around the world are changing their approach to risk management.

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