Alisa Vainio aims for success one training session at a time

27 October 2016

Alisa Vainio, 18, is a long-distance runner who has already passed many milestones. Nevertheless, her career is still in its early stages. She spent the past competition season recovering from a leg injury. Now she is focusing on training, but she is also planning to take up an old hobby.

-    I thought I’d play some ice hockey next winter, instead of just running, Alisa says.

-   My long-term goals include the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. I haven’t done much planning in addition to that. I’m taking things one training session at a time.

Athletics is currently the only career option that interests her. Even though her life is centred around training, both during and outside competition seasons, she has time for all the things that she wants to do. Her friends are from the running circle so she can socialise and train at the same time. After giving the matter some thought, she comes up with one aspect she would like to have more time for.

-  I would love to be able to spend more time with my grandparents, Alisa says.  

BDO supports Alisa Vainio's journey to success through sponsorship.  Our cooperation began in 2015 and is based on our shared values: determined long-term work, expertise, persistence and the pursuit of success in Finland and abroad.