BDO statement on Ukraine

BDO statement on Ukraine

Our priority continues to be the safety of our colleagues and their families in Ukraine. Our focus is providing financial assistance, transportation, accommodation, safe passage, where possible, and ongoing employment for when they’re ready. BDO firms across the world have come together to support our colleagues and find solutions to help mitigate the immediate humanitarian crisis that is engulfing the region.

Our focus on carefully coordinated support for our people needs to be backed up by carefully considered policy:

  1. No BDO firm will work with any sanctioned Russian and Belarussian entities including the Russian and Belarussian Government, Russian and Belarussian state-owned enterprises and sanctioned individuals as a consequence of the ongoing situation in Ukraine.
  2. BDO does not have a network firm in Russia. The former Russian member firm operates entirely independently under the name of Unicon.
  3. BDO is removing BDO Belarus from its global network. We will work to support our clients in fulfilling our legal obligations and commitments. 

These changes are effective immediately. Implementation may take longer as we need to ensure an orderly transition. We will discharge our professional responsibilities and obligations to all relevant parties.

Since the outset, we have stated that we deplore the violation of international law and military aggression in all its forms. That continues to be our position and we hope that the loss of life and livelihood soon ceases and that all parties come together to establish an enduring peace.