Three decades of caring, responsibility and verification – 30 years of BDO in Finland

Three decades of caring, responsibility and verification – 30 years of BDO in Finland


This year marks 30 years since BDO started its operations in Finland, from the need to help companies grow and achieve international success. A valued culture of caring has built BDO into an alternative to the giants of the field.

– Our operations have always been based on caring. We care about our clients and we care about each other. Our operations are still guided by the same values, says André Kumlander, Authorised Public Accountant and a founding member of BDO.


Exceptional client service as the cornerstone of growth

Two years after the founding of the company, Managing Partner Hannu Riippi, Authorised Public Accountant, and IT expert Rauno Meetteri, who are both still with BDO, joined the fray. According to Managing Partner Hannu Riippi, the exceptional client service that BDO has focused on for decades is not just a value but a competitive advantage on the field.

– From the beginning on, we have done more than what statutory auditing requires. We aim to provide several alternatives and seek to advise, not forbid, says Riippi.

Indeed, good client service has been the cornerstone of growth. In the last decade, BDO has been growing ever faster – which provides opportunities to develop and serve clients better than ever.

– Growth and development go hand in hand. We want to provide our clients with increasingly comprehensive solutions tailored to their needs. This way, we can also offer our experts more diverse tasks and opportunities for career growth,” says Managing Director of BDO, Taneli Mustonen, Authorised Public Accountant.

The company’s turnover has increased to EUR 28.3 million. The growth has also been boosted by several acquisitions.


The auditing sector develops with the changing world

The auditing sector is developing at a rapid pace, thanks to the opportunities afforded by, for example, technology. For instance, the use of data analytics has become the norm in auditing. Change in the sector is driven by clients’ needs and the changing world.

According to Managing Director Taneli Mustonen, auditors and other experts play a bigger role in building trust in our affluent society, as responsibility and transparency become an increasingly important part of the operations of companies and society at large.

– In the future, organisations will want verification regarding sustainability reporting and, for example, the ethicality of the supply chain, to a larger degree than what is ensured by statutory auditing. This is also a developing area of expertise for us, says Mustonen.

Even though the sector is developing at a fast rate, auditing work has always been based on good communication between the experts and the client.

– Irrespective of new technological innovations, we will continue to work from people to people. Co-operation and caring will remain at the core of our operations in the future, concludes Mustonen.


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