Global Compliance

Global Compliance

Whether your business is an entrepreneur-driven SME, a listed corporation, a multinational corporation operating on multiple continents, or anything in between, one of the cornerstones of your business is up-to-date, error-free, and efficient accounting.  

Our outsourced financial management service is part of BDO's network of experts, which your company has the opportunity to utilise also globally. 

Our customer base consists of local Finnish companies as well as businesses headquartered in the Nordic countries, elsewhere in Europe, or, for instance, in the United States. Additionally, we serve global organizations operating in multiple countries. 

Thanks to our global network and comprehensive support services, your company not only benefits from professional accounting services but also gains full support of an extensive expert network to enhance its business development.


Kajsa Backas-Heikkilä

Partner; Head of Business Services & Outsourcing
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