Payroll management, payroll calculation, compliance with related legislation and with collective agreements, keeping up with the frequent changes in the legislation and regulations, and the maintenance of payroll and related software, require a significant amount of resources and time for a company. In such situations, outsourcing the payroll in its entirety or partially can be a good option. It saves valuable time for essential tasks, and the payroll accuracy and compliance are guaranteed by professionals. 

We offer payroll management services for your company, regardless of its size. Whether you represent a small business hiring its first employees or a larger organization looking to outsource the payroll management, we are here to help. We also serve Finnish companies posting their employees abroad and international companies that employ people in Finland or post their employees to Finland. 

Please get in touch, and let's discuss your company's needs! Our payroll management services cover not only payroll calculation and related reporting but also various other administrative areas. All our services and reports are available in Finnish, English, and, if needed, in Swedish as well. 

Our payroll management services include, for example: 

  • Payroll calculation in accordance with Finnish legislation 

  • Payroll calculation regulated by collective bargained agreements 

  • Payroll calculation in line with the Client's internal practices (while considering legal requirements) 

  • Comprehensive handling of fringe benefits 

  • Calculation of holiday pay and holiday bonuses (including non-standard cases, such as holiday pay on paid commissions) 

  • Calculation of average hourly wages and average daily wages (e.g. as regulated in some collective bargained agreements) 

  • Monitoring and processing of absences and annual leaves in the payroll (including non-standard company-specific absence types) 

  • Overtime calculation (including interpretation of laws and collective bargained agreements) 

  • Processing of kilometre allowances and per diem  

  • Processing of distraint 

  • Processing of union membership fees 

  • Non-standard payroll calculations (e.g., hourly wage employees, non-standard employment terms, net-to-gross calculations, posted workers, foreign employees in Finland, shadow payroll, payroll services related to bankruptcy situations and related mandatory reporting, payments to individuals not in an employment relationship with the company, processing of work compensation, handling of athlete fees, handling of stock-related payments and benefits, e.g., ESPP, RSU, PSU, etc.) 

  • Submission of statistical reports to Statistics Finland and to labour unions 

  • Statutory reporting of wages to the Incomes Register, and related monthly reconciliations 

  • Monitoring of the Client's Finnish MyTax account, including monitoring notifications from the Finnish Tax Administration about outstanding taxes, late payment penalties, etc, and notifying the Client about the related obligations or actions needed from the Client, etc. 

  • Preparation of payment instructions or standard Finnish SEPA files applicable for Finnish banks (if the Client processes the payments themselves) 

  • Preparation of non-standard SEPA files for foreign banks (if the Client processes the payments themselves) 

  • Payment services through our provided payment system (processing of payroll-related payments) 

  • Preparation of payroll related accounting journals (GL File) 

  • Preparation of payroll related Vacation Accrual journals 

  • Client-specific reports 

  • Assisting the Client with applying for maternity leave allowances, paternity leave allowances and sick leave allowances for their employees from the Finnish Social Security Institution (KELA/FPA). 

  • Non-standard payroll related notifications to the Incomes Register (e.g. notification of no salary payment, NIL Returns) 

  • Assistance in applying for A1 certificates (from Finland to other EU countries) 

  • Administration of the time and attendance management system we provide to our Clients 

  • Administration of the travel expense system we provide to our Clients 

  • Administration of the payment system we provide to our Clients 

Professional Payroll Partnership and Personalised Service 

Our experts are professionals in their field, handling payroll tasks with precision and punctuality while minimizing your workload. Our professionals actively educate themselves and develop their skills, ensuring the high quality of our services. To ensure quality and eliminate errors, all materials we provide to Clients are reviewed not only by the person who calculated the payroll but also by a senior expert. 

We offer personalised service and aim to understand your company's specific needs. We do not pass work from one expert to another; instead, we assign a team to your company, including a client manager. This team familiarises itself with your needs and ensures the quality of work, including covering for each other during, for example, vacation periods. We also prefer phone communication with our clients for issue resolution instead of lengthy email exchanges. 

We specialise in non-standard payroll and contract models, such as posted employees, net salary agreements, shadow payroll, and international assignments, but we are happy to handle all types of payroll and assignments. We collaborate with both small and large companies, tailoring our services individually and scaling them according to your company's needs. 

Payroll Services for Domestic Companies 

We offer all types of payroll-related calculation services for Finnish companies, whether standard or non-standard payroll expert services are required. We always tailor our solutions to the unique situation of your company. 

Audited service process guarantees the quality 

We are an authorised member of Suomen Taloushallintoliitto, the association of Finnish accounting professionals and subject to their audits. As a part of the BDO Global network, we are also subject to ISAE 3402 audits conducted by the network. 

Get in touch, and let's discuss how we can assist your company with payroll management and payroll calculation. 

System Solutions to Support Payroll Calculation 

In addition to payroll, employers must track their employees' working hours, absences and annual leaves, and handle other obligations, such as processing travel expenses. Managing these parallel functions and systems alongside payroll can be labour-intensive and costly. On the other hand, maintaining various spreadsheets and manual time tracking can be error-prone and burdensome to manage. 

We offer reliable software solutions from our trusted Finnish software partners that comply with Finnish legislation and GDPR requirements. These systems can be integrated with our payroll software to automate processes. We share all payroll reports securely through our portal. 

We can provide your company with the following systems: 

  • Time and attendance management system for tracking working hours, vacations, and absences 

  • Travel expense management system 

  • Payment system for processing payments related to payroll 

Payroll Management Services for International Companies Operating in Finland 

Most of our payroll Clients are international companies with employees in Finland, either locally hired or sent from other countries. We offer expert payroll solutions for your employees in Finland. 

We also support companies planning to establish a branch or subsidiary in Finland. Whether you need advice with payroll, legal matters or any other issues related to establishing a branch or a subsidiary, our colleagues at BDO Finland are delighted to assist you. 

We assist your company with various aspects of establishment and registration, including: 

  • Assistance with company registration or deregistration 

  • Assistance with updating company information in the registers of the Finnish Tax Administration and the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (address, company name, contact persons, etc.) 

  • Assistance in obtaining statutory occupational insurances  

  • Assistance in organizing occupational health care for employees 

  • Assistance in applying for authorizations (including non-standard authorizations for foreign companies) 

Global Payroll – Our International Network as Your Payroll Partner 

Our extensive international expert network ensures that our global organization can handle your company's international payroll and payroll management needs. When needed, we pass your assignments on to our international network and thus ensure that your international payroll needs are met. 

Contact us when you need international payroll services – our global network is at your service!