Company law and corporate governance services

Company law and corporate governance services

Restructuring measures, such as transfers of business and exchanges of shares, can be complex. In such situations, your company can benefit from our experts’ wide-ranging expertise. Our corporate governance professionals support you with issues pertaining to company law and organisational restructuring. 

Get in touch with us if your company needs support in matters of company law. We will be happy to help! 

Our company law and corporate governance services cover the following areas and more: 

  • establishing a company or branch 

  • mergers, demergers, transfers of business, exchanges of shares and other organisational restructuring measures 

  • share issues and contribution in kind procedures 

  • drafting shareholder agreements 

  • questions and documents related to responsibilities stipulated by company law 

  • assisting in company dissolution processes 

  • data protection issues 

  • other advisory services related to corporate law 

Corporate governance services 

Corporate governance is the cornerstone of responsible business. Appropriate and careful administration and corporate governance increase trust and create strong conditions for business success. Our experts have extensive competence and wide-ranging experience in ensuring good corporate governance, which makes them exceptionally capable of supporting your company with corporate law compliance in your business activities. 

We offer corporate governance services to various groups of clients, including private and public limited liability companies, institutional investors, equity investors and senior management. 

Our corporate governance experts support your company in the following areas and more: 

  • preparing documents related to company law (resolutions of the board of directors, general meetings and shareholders) and legal advice related to their preparation 

  • planning and commenting on remuneration systems 

  • liability issues for senior management 

  • changes in senior management 

  • preparing internal rules and guidelines for company operations 

  • corporate governance assessments and proposing potential corrective actions 

Get in touch with us, we will be happy to support your company in the area of corporate governance!