Data protection is a legal obligation

Data protection is a legal obligation

Personal data, such as customer data, constitutes the backbone of the business operations of many companies. The storage of personal data involves certain legal considerations that must be taken into account to ensure data protection compliance. Securing personal data and processing it in a way that ensures data protection is of vital importance, and carelessness in processing involves significant data protection risks. 

Practically all companies must consider data protection regulations, which change and develop over time. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), for example, sets out requirements for the protection of personal data and provides individuals with means to control the processing of their personal data. 

Data protection violations can result in significant penalties. Our experts have up-to-date knowledge of data protection regulations and they support your company with all issues pertaining to data protection legislation. 

Get in touch with us when you need support with data protection and related legislation – we will be happy to help! 

Our services pertaining to data protection and related legislation cover the following areas and more: 

  • interpreting and applying the GDPR and other data protection regulations 

  • drafting and commenting on data protection documents, including descriptions of personal data files and general data protection notices, data protection guidelines and contracts related to data protection 

  • assessing data protection perspectives in connection with due diligence 

  • issues related to data protection in working life 

  • legal support and advice for a company’s data protection officer 

  • advice on data protection violations and correspondence with the authorities, partners and the subjects of data protection violations