BDO Horizons 2 | 2022

Welcome to this year’s second issue of Horizons, which continues seeing strong and stable M&A activity, albeit settled at perhaps more sustainable pre-COVID levels. We are delighted to have a special contribution from our M&A colleagues in Ukraine, who are looking at the future of M&A activity and what the country itself will look like in the future after the end of this terrible war.

This issue brings you up to date commentary on deal activity levels and how we see the market in the next few months. We zoom in on our usual regions and on the TMT, Natural Resources and Real Estate sectors. And as always, we have a plethora of heat charts showing potential M&A activity in the next few months.

  • Global view: Deal activity settles back to pre-COVID levels
  • Special feature: What does the future hold for Ukraine?
  • TMT: Cybersecurity - a driver for TMT's strong M&A start to 2022
  • Natural Resources: Energy transition set to drive future natural resources M&A
  • Real Estate: Is inflation sending the red-hot market into overtime?