Auditing for limited liability companies and listed companies

As your limited liability company’s auditor, we are not only actively involved in the audit itself, but we also support your company’s management in business development when necessary. 

Our experts have extensive experience in auditing Finnish listed companies and Finnish subsidiaries of foreign corporations. In addition, our clients have access to the local and global expertise of our Finnish and international expert networks. 

Why choose BDO as the partner for auditing a limited liability company? 

Our expertise covers various audits for limited liability companies regardless of their size or sector. Our experts are experienced auditors, and we always select the best-suited professionals for each assignment. We keep a close eye on developments in the audit industry and are very familiar with both Finnish and international auditing principles. 

Our customer service principles are confidentiality, an uncompromising service attitude and keeping our promises. Our range of services is aimed at supporting the client’s operations, and we always provide up-to-date information and our best expertise. We nurture long-term client relationships and strive to ensure continuity by keeping the same experts in the team for each assignment.  

Our services for listed companies 

As our client, your company has access not only to our audit services for limited liability companies but also high-quality tax serviceslegal services and advisory services. We offer the following services for listed companies: 

  • statutory audit 

  • reviewing group reporting 

  • assurance of financial disclosures associated with initial public offerings 

  • IFRS services 

  • US GAAP advisory services 

Our IFRS services 

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are a precondition for the internationalisation of business activities and investing. Our experienced experts support your company in the following areas related to IFRS regulations and more: 

  • preparing IFRS consolidated financial statements 

  • accounting and system issues related to consolidated financial statements 

  • developing the consolidated financial statements process 

  • implementing IFRS transition projects 

  • advice on the application of IFRS regulations concerning mergers and acquisitions 

We monitor changes in IFRS regulations and help your company stay current on compliance with the regulations. We use audit software and financial statements models in auditing IFRS consolidated financial statements We also have access to our international parent group’s databases and the extensive knowhow, experience and support of our expert network. 

Get in touch with us to discuss how our experts can support your company with IFRS compliance. 

Read more about our IFRS advisory services 

Our US GAAP and SOX services

Compliance with the US GAAP regulations and SOX legislation calls for special expertise – particularly with regard to documentation requirements – from the auditor of a limited liability company as well as its financial management personnel. We serve Finnish companies aiming to enter foreign markets and the Finnish subsidiaries of foreign corporations. Your company will have access to our domestic network of experts as well as our international expert network. 

Our expertise in the US GAAP system covers the following areas and more: 

  • US GAAP compliant audits for the currently ending and previous financial periods (companies preparing for an IPO) 

  • assisting in the preparation of US GAAP compliant financial statements 

  • SOX audits and other process control audits 

  • assisting with the development of controls 

Auditing for SMEs

An audit provides the management and owners of a limited liability company with assurance that the financial information is accurate. Reliable financial information also increases stakeholders’ trust in the company. 

We support your small or medium-sized business with its day-to-day challenges and business development. We always take the industry-specific characteristics of your company into account and help you to find the solutions best suited to your company. 

Many of our experts have an entrepreneurial background, which provides us with practical familiarity with the day-to-day challenges faced by owner-entrepreneurs. Get in touch with us if your SME needs assistance and support in any of the following areas. Our experts will be happy to help! 

  • statutory audit of a limited liability company 

  • issues related to accounting, corporate governance and the preparation of financial statements 

  • taxation 

  • ensuring information systems security 

  • compliance with laws and regulations 

  • growth and internationalisation 

Minna Ainasvuori

Minna Ainasvuori

Partner; Director, Audit & Assurance Services
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