Auditing for associations

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When does an association require an auditor? 

An association may be required to have an auditor due to a legal obligation or the rules of the association. If an association requires an auditor, they need to appoint an authorised KHT or HT auditor or audit firm. 

An association may appoint an operations inspector instead of an auditor if no more than one of the following conditions is met for the most recent financial period and the period immediately preceding it. 

  • the balance sheet total exceeds EUR 100,000 

  • revenue or corresponding income exceeds EUR 200,000, or 

  • the association employs more than three people on average 

If the rules of an association established after 31 August 2010 stipulate that the association shall have an auditor rather than an operations inspector, the association must appoint an authorised KHT or HT auditor irrespective of the thresholds specified above. 

An association whose rules have been drawn up before 1 September 2010 may appoint either an authorised auditor (KHT or HT) or an operations inspector. It is also possible to appoint both an auditor and an operations inspector. Regardless of its rules, an association established before 1 September 2010 is required to appoint an authorised KHT or HT auditor instead of an operations inspector if the aforementioned threshold values are exceeded.  

Minna Ainasvuori

Minna Ainasvuori

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