Auditing for municipalities, joint municipal authorities and churches

Our auditing professionals are familiar with the legislation governing audits and are happy to help with any related questions. We are the market leader in auditing for municipalities and the public sector. Our experts have extensive experience and an in-depth understanding of the public sector operating environment, and we also participate actively in the development of public auditing processes at the national level. 

Get in touch with us if your municipality, joint municipal authority or church needs a reliable and experienced public sector auditor! Our comprehensive network of offices and experts serves public sector entities of all sizes across Finland. 

Municipal auditing and the Local Government Act 

Our experienced auditing and local government legislation experts offer their in-depth professional expertise to the municipal sector. We tailor our services to suit your municipality’s specific needs.  

A municipality can appoint a firm of authorised public accountants six consecutive financial periods at most. This term is allocated to calendar years on the basis of the municipality’s financial periods and continues until the auditor’s report for the last financial period of the auditor’s term has been considered. 

According to the Local Government Act, the auditors appointed for the subsidiaries of a local authority must be the municipality’s firm of  authorised public accountants, unless deviation from this would be justified on grounds related to the arrangement of the audit. 

The effect of the Act on Public Contracts on the procurement of audit services 

The procurement of audit services for public sector entities is governed by the Act on Public Procurement and Concession Contracts, also known as the Act on Public Contracts.  

Audit services subject to public procurement must be put out to tender when the national threshold value of EUR 60,000 is exceeded. If the value of the service procurement exceeds EUR 209,000, the EU procedure applies to the procurement. For procurement activities whose value does not exceed the thresholds, an open and non-discriminatory procurement procedure is applied, along with the procurement policy of the organisation in question. The aforementioned thresholds are determined by the estimated total value of the procurement. 

Services for audit committees – impact through assessment 

Municipal councils appoint an audit committee tasked with assessing and auditing the municipality’s administration and finances. We support audit committees with the preparation of assessment reports, for example. 

Audit committees present their assessment of the municipality’s finances and administration, along with their observations and recommendations, in an assessment report, which is the committee’s most significant instrument of influence. That is why it is important for the assessment report to have a clear structure, precise conclusions and recommendations that can be put into action. 

Our experts have extensive experience in supporting audit committees in the preparation of assessment reports. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can support your audit committee! 

Minna Ainasvuori

Minna Ainasvuori

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