ISAE 3402 assurance services

ISAE 3402 assurance services

ISAE 3402 assurance demonstrates the effectiveness and compliance of your processes for your clients. The assurance process is also an excellent opportunity to develop your company’s internal control environment. Having an ISAE 3402 attestation saves time for your company by allowing your clients’ auditors to use the single ISAE 3402 attestation instead of having to repeat the work multiple times in connection with the auditing of processes and controls for each client. 

What do we offer to audit firms and service centres? 

We help you develop the internal control of your audit firm or service centre. Assessing the quality and operational efficiency of financial management and human resources management are key aspects of the development process. To achieve the best possible outcome in the context of the ISAE 3402 assurance service, we recommend an evaluation of the current state of the control environment for services produced for clients, including the identification of deficiencies and inefficiencies. The evaluation can help rectify the identified deficiencies and eliminate overlapping functions and other inefficiencies in processes, for example.  

We can assist you with the specification of processes and controls. We can also perform ISAE 3402 assurance for the processes in question when the processes and their related controls have been specified as being suitable for the operating environment and descriptions have been prepared for them. 

The benefits of the ISAE 3402 assurance service 

An ISAE 3402 attestation provides your clients’ auditors with evidence that your company’s internal control environment has been subject to assurance. They can take advantage of the ISAE 3402 attestation, which means your company avoids the repeated auditing of processes and controls for each client. ISAE 3402 assurance also provides proof of the quality and efficiency of your operations. 

The ISAE 3402 assurance service also gives your company the opportunity to examine the quality and regulatory compliance of processes and internal control. Having an ISAE 3402 attestation helps you differentiate your company in tendering and is evidence of your company’s reliability. 

Why choose BDO as your assurance partner? 

We are experienced providers of ISAE 3402 assurance services. We have advised numerous clients, conducted assessments and issued attestations in accordance with the ISAE 3402 standard. We have prepared reports on the operating processes of our client organisations’ internal service centres and their commercial service providers. 

Our experts aim is to not only prepare an assurance report for your company but also help develop your company’s functions, efficiency and internal control environment.