• Project Audits

    Special expertise in project auditing

Project Audits

Guidelines and requirements related to EU funding and public administration subsidies require special expertise. Our authorised auditors have strong experience in auditing EU and state subsidy projects in the private and public sectors.


Our special expertise covers:

  • Auditing of projects funded by Business Finland
  • Auditing of projects funded by STEA
  • Auditing of state subsidies
  • Projects funded directly by the European Commission.

We offer a broad range of auditing and expert services for the public sector, companies, associations, foundations and other organisations with regard to EU fund management and financial reporting related to state and other subsidies.

Our auditing services for projects and systems funded by the EU cover the needs and requirements of the key programmes of the European Commission and national implementers and providers of funding. Our clients can also opt for an audit that is more extensive than a statement. In such cases, we will examine project management issues and development, such as the preparation of external audits of quality, more closely.

Our experts have broad and varied experience in auditing subsidies during public sector projects and in municipalities, joint municipal authorities, universities of applied sciences, ministries, government agencies, universities and higher education and other institutions. We provide expertise in auditing and developing subsidy and other systems for regional councils, Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres), Regional State Administrative Agencies and other organisations. We have also participated in developing administrative structures and information systems, as well as guidelines and manuals for asset management, monitoring and auditing.