Project Audits

Project Audits

We have the expertise you need for project auditing and statutory audits. 

We are the leading auditor of publicly funded projects in Finland. We are also the only operator in Finland to have a team of auditors specialising in project audits. Our customers include companies and other communities, as well as public sector actors. 

Our experts serve you in Finnish, Swedish and English. Get in touch with us if your project needs auditing. We will be happy to help. 

Our approach to project auditing 

Our expertise is at your disposal during the project planning stage and over the course of the project itself. We can offer you perspectives on how to organise the management of the project and address other practical challenges as necessary.   

Engaging our involvement at an early stage helps prevent problems that would otherwise only be identified when the project is reported on. 

Our special expertise covers the following areas and more: 

  • the various forms of funding from Business Finland 

  • grants from the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA) 

  • funding from the Research Council of Finland 

  • other government grants 

  • direct funding from the European Commission 


We also offer other project-related services, such as: 

  • various support services for state aid authorities 

  • misconduct audits of projects commissioned by financing providers and the parties implementing projects 

  • training for individuals working in project planning, implementation and management 

  • project administration assessments