Personal taxation and withholding tax services

Personal taxation and withholding tax services

We support your organisation in matters related to personal income taxation. Our clients include companies in various industries, as well as associations, foundations, and municipalities. We also provide personal taxation services for private individuals.  

Personal taxation and withholding tax services for organisations 

Our expertise covers the following areas and more: 

  • preparing tax audit responses related to personal taxation and withholding tax 

  • issues related to disquised dividends 

  • remuneration-related matters 

  • tax processes, including such as claims for adjustment, appeals and responses to the tax authorities.  

For companies that operate internationally, we offer global employer services, and our team supports your organisation for example with regards to personal remuneration in international contexts. 

Our international network focuses on personal taxation services, and this helps us to ensure that your company’s obligations and the employees’ tax and social security contributions are compliant with the local legislation in Finland and in other countries.  

We also assist with issues related to forming a permanent establishment due to employment(s) in Finland.  

Personal taxation and withholding tax services for private individuals  

For clients who are private individuals, we offer the following personal tax services and more:   

  • personal tax return services (includes the declaration of income from domestic and foreign investment activities and requests for relief of double taxation) 

  • reviewing tax decisions 

  • claims for adjustment based on tax decisions 

  • gift tax and and inheritance tax in Finland and internationally 

  • applications for tax non-residency 

  • assessing the tax impacts of moving abroad 

In international assignments, we cooperate with our extensive international network to confirm the tax impacts of relocating, both in Finland and abroad. You can conveniently place an order for international personal tax services through our contact persons in Finland.