Tax services for foundations and associations

Tax services for foundations and associations

Our experts provide high-quality services related to the taxation of foundations and associations. We have extensive experience in private and public sector taxation and law. 

Our expertise covers the following areas and more: 

  • tax planning for corporate taxation  

  • issues related to ensuring non-profit status 

  • assessment of VAT liability and deduction rights 

  • mergers, demergers and other organisational restructuring 

  • real estate tax and transfer tax assessments and other special issues pertaining to the taxation of real estate, real estate law 

  • applications for advance rulings, assisting with tax audits, appeals and other official processes 

  • labour law, data protection, contract law and other general law 

  • state aid law, documentation related to competition neutrality, assisting organisations with their decision-making (good governance, potential disqualifications, etc.) 

  • advising with decision-making procedures in meetings (disqualifications, the Board’s responsibility, the conduct of the meeting, etc.) 

Our M&A services also include corporate finance and valuation assignments, as well as financial and tax-related due diligence.