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    We support your organisation at every step of a deal lifecycle

We understand client needs and customise our services accordingly

BDO supports your organisation at every step of a deal lifecycle, no matter whether the focus is at an acquisition or disposal of a company or a business operation, sector consolidation, financing a deal or other ownership restructuring.

We operate locally around the world. The Nordic Corporate Finance and Transactions team comprises more than 50 experts; internationally we have over 1,200 professionals engaged in deals every day. Our Finnish clients benefit from the experience of one of the most seasoned M&A teams in the market.  

Our clients are organisations of all sizes in both private and public sectors. Our wide experience of hundreds of organisations and various industrial sectors helps us to understand what really matters in the strategic development of your organisation. 

All transactions mean change and have an impact on both the organisation structure and operations as well as on employees, clients and other stakeholders. These factors are hard to measure and inherently unpredictable, but they may have significant consequences. This is why it is important to safeguard – and further develop – the value generated by the acquisition throughout the entire deal lifecycle. We take a wide perspective to the transaction from multiple angles and help you and your organisation to create sustainable value.

For each engagement, we select the best professionals from our team of seasoned professionals.