Corporate Finance

As an advisor we specialise in the profitable growth and value generation of a business. Our competencies are complemented by the BDO professionals around the world as well as by our extensive senior advisor network.  

We understand well the challenges encountered by corporations, institutions and public organisations of any size. We will find the best solutions for the most complex deals.  

Corporate Finance Services:

  • Disposals and acquisitions (lead advisory) 
    Ownership- and business strategy are inherent parts of a transaction. Acquisitions and disposals as well as business separations (carve-outs) are in the core of deals taking place both in Finland and internationally.  

  • Consolidations and industry restructurings 
    As a result of consolidations, i.e. merging several companies, larger corporations are created on the Finnish and international markets. 

  • Funding 
    We advise companies with funding their investments for various reasons and in optimising cost and cash situation both in the short and long term.  

  • Succession planning 
    Ensuring the sustainability of family businesses by the existing management (a MBO acquisition) or completely new owners is often a major concern for family-owned companies.  

  • Strategic advisory 
    Strategic business analysis and planning are an essential requirements in order to develop a business and execute ownership and financing arrangements. We use our own concept taking advantage of our experience in dozens of successful strategy processes.  

  • Other shareholder value creating advisory 
    Our services relevant to increase shareholder value include shareholder value strategies and development processes spanning over several years (value management). Business plans and information memorandums as well as valuations are often created during the process.